Smart Selling International Pty Ltd (Smart Selling) is a technology agent working with niche and emerging technology vendors to help them establish a sustainable, profitable market presence in the ANZ (Australia & New Zealand) and APAC regions (Asia Pacific).

For the past 10 years, Smart Selling CEO Mark Parker has worked with a number of US and Asian based technology vendors helping them launch into this region, establish distribution, channel, and target audience strategies, and grow profitable businesses. This ranges from acting as a vendor representative with traditional distribution partners such as Ingram Micro, Synnex, MacGear etc, establishing social/e-commerce channels to grow direct and immediate revenue, through to direct distribution in smaller markets like New Zealand and Singapore.

Our Expertise

  1. Blending Traditional and New Methods of Distribution: Distribution of CE hasn’t changed much over the past 10+ years YET consumer and B2B buying behaviours have fundamentally shifted. Smart Selling has demonstrated expertise in supporting traditional retail channels, whilst also creating new markets via omni-channel, and social commerce.
  2. Digital & Social Media Expertise: having built an e-commerce operation from scratch to over 25,000 customers, Smart Selling can help our customers design and execute a variety of digital and social campaigns
  3. Understanding Niche & Emerging Technologies: we don’t distribute tablets, DVD players, consumer drones, smart TV’s, or gaming consoles. Our expertise is working with emerging technologies where the customer need is yet to be established.
  4. Well Established & Profitable – Smart Selling International was founded in 2006, is a private, debt free company with 10+ years of growing profits;
  5. Clear Expertise in Emerging Technologies – Smart Selling CEO Mark Parker has 15+ years in cloud and emerging technologies and is a trusted keynote speaker on social & digital technologies, and emerging technology trends for the worlds largest CEO network – Vistage.
  6. Regional Coverage & Omni-Channel Expertise –  Operating warehouses in Brisbane and Auckland, e-commerce operations that span multiple countries and up to 15 regional currencies, Smart Selling is ideally positioned to support your growing business.

Can we help?