Smart Selling International Pty Ltd is a registered company in both Australia and New Zealand, that has been operating in the emerging technology space since 2006. Founded by Mark Parker (see details below), the company works in key areas including:

  1. Working with senior executives and organisations across Australia and New Zealand understand, adapt, and harness emerging technologies;
  2. Helping emerging technology vendors establish successful sales and distribution operations in Australia and New Zealand; and
  3. Developing unique IP involving the use of Augmented Reality, IoT, and UAV technologies.

Key Company Information

  1. Smart Selling International Pty Ltd: Smart Selling International was founded in 2006, is a private, debt free company
  2. Founder: Mark Parker (LinkedIn profile)
    • Clear Expertise in Emerging Technologies – Mark Parker has 15+ years in cloud and emerging technologies and is a trusted keynote speaker on social & digital technologies, and emerging technology trends for the worlds largest CEO network – Vistage.

If you need advice on establishing operations in ANZ, need to change up your internal thinking, or get a grasp on how and where emerging technology will impact your business or industry, get in touch with Mark via LinkedIn in the first instance.