The Potential Impact of VR on Organisational Learning Is?

This article from TechCrunch delves into how Virtual Reality will change education. Whilst the article is focused on mainstream education (i.e. K-12 or Higher Ed) the implications for organisational learning should be considered as well.

For example:

  • Employee induction needed be meeting room or walk around the office based education – immerse the new employee in the entire organisation – using equipment, remote site engagement etc.
  • More and more companies are embracing the democratisation of knowledge – VR supports this – graduate engineers can immerse themselves in business practice whilst also sharing current learning’s or even the value of new eyes on old problems.

Some students learn best by hearing, others by seeing. With VR, you get the best of both. Educational visionaries that develop educational VR hardware and software are not just improving learning; they are rethinking it altogether

Organisational learning, like education can’t stand still, it must continue to innovate and challenge established norms – Virtual Reality is one way to do this.



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