Big Data and Data Visualisation Reimagined

Big Data has been a tech buzzword for a few years now and like most tech innovations it started life as more hype than substance. As someone working on Augmented Reality solutions, I understand the value of data – big data and micro data, structured and unstructured – it all has value in the right context…

But what is that context?

How do you realise quick, meaningful value from masses of data points?

What if we mash together Augmented Reality, Spatial Contextual Awareness, and IoT (or IoE) into the mix? And just because we can, lets leverage machine learning systems like IBM Watson to crunch this data in new, real time ways…

We end up with this… Immersive Data Visualisation via Augmented Reality (IDVAR). This clip from IBM delves into this:


An Example of IDVAR in Action

Lets take the IBM example in the clip a step further…

Two of my TEC friends – Scott and Trent Young from Young Guns Container Crew are Australia’s leading service provider in unpacking/packing of shipping containers. This is a human centric business that thrives on best practice, OH&S, and technology.

The opportunity for YGCC is to leverage IDVAR such that their team leaders in the field will be able to call up IoT data which includes NFC sensors, and wearables data, along with other disparate, and third party data such as downstream store demand, GIS information, so as to benchmark team performance and also generate data sets that allow their clients to understand how to improve logistics performance. If you think back to Dinesh in the video above – drilling into specific visual information around buildings, imagine a YGCC team member being able to create an immersive visualisation of where a client is not best practice and could implement improvements across their global supply chain – how products are packaged ex-factory, how a container is packed in China, how products are prioritised in terms of ex-container so as to meet downstream “need it in store now demands”…These are all factors that the manufacturing, logistics, and retail industries are trying to address in isolation!

Yet all of a sudden we have isolated, macro-level decisions being influenced by front line troops who are now “in the data” vs at work wondering why management won’t fix obvious problems…

These are exciting times!

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